Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Importance of linear programming

Dear friends
There are many benefits of linear programming for business
1. Solve the business problems
With linear programming we can easily solve business problem. It is very benefited for increase the profit or decrease the cost of business.
2. Easy work of manager under limitations and condition :-

Linear programming solve problem under different limitions and conditions , so It is easy for manager to work under limitations and conditions . It helps manager to decide in different limitations.
3. Use in solving staffing problems:-

With linear programming , we can calculate the number of staff needed in hospitals ,mines , hotels and other type of business.

4. Helpful in profit planning :-

Today linear programming is using for good profit planning.
5. Select best advertising media

With linear programming we can select best advertising media among a numbers of media.

6. solve the diet problems :-

With linear programming you can solve the diet problems with minimum cost. It is very useful for hospitals .There are different elements like vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates etc. You can select best quantity of them with minimum cost.
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