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Dear Students,

                             Welcome to mathematics education! In this education, we will study from easy maths problems to difficult maths problems. First of all, please know about the meaning of mathematics. Mathematics means scientific calculations. If we calculate everything on the basis of scientific rules, it will be mathematics. With the help of maths, we can calculate the correct distance between earth and moon.

With the help of mathematics, we can know the correct speed of our airplane. Watch environment near you, you will find that all the scientific inventions had been done through maths. When you will go to market in the morning, you will buy the goods and you will pay the price of your goods on the basis of maths calculations. To measure quantities in different units are also part of maths calculations. It is also useful in accounting. Whole computer works on the basis of 0 and 1's theory. In the end, we will say, its knowledge to children is must. So, come to our Svtuition's  free online virtual school in which you will learn mathematics.

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