Saturday, January 17, 2009

Definition of business mathematics

Business mathematics is the branch of mathematics which is helpful for businessmen . Every businessmen is in tension about how to solve different business problems . In these problems we can include , interest calculation , hire rates , salary calculation , tax calculation , Public provident fund calculation , Foreign exchange calculation and more over what is the quantity he should produce etc. Business mathematics is not only helpful for businessmen but also it is helpful for general public because , if they learn it , they can deal with businessmen with better way. Business mathematics is easier than general mathematics . It can learn businessmen very easily . At Graduation and post graduation level , it is the main subject of commerce . Its certain theories are so famous and very useful for businessmen .
You should know that Google search engine also calculate Page rank on the basis of Probability theory . AdSense payment is calculate with page impression , Click through rate (CTR ) and Cost per mile basis . That are the simple example of practical use of mathematics . But if we look every where in different business , we see only business mathematics . Business's all part like Man , money machine and material depends on business mathematics . There are following feature of business mathematics :-
  1. It is totally related to business and solution of business problem .
  2. It is main branch of general mathematics .
  3. Statistics also include in it .
  4. Its main feature is also that variety of formulae are in this mathematics , so businessmen have higher option to choose any one best formula for solve their business problem .
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