Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poisson distribution and its main features

Poisson distribution is main concept of theoretical distribution which is invented by Simeon Denis Poisson . In this distribution some of the good points which we can not get in binomial distribution . In other worlds it birth due to some of weak points of binomial distribution . The main limitation of binomial distribution is that we can not calculate distribution if n is infinite and probability of success is very low . At these situation we can calculate Poisson distribution .
Formula of calculating Poisson distribution
p(r) = e's power -m multiply with m's power r and both divided by r!
m = mean or average of distribution
mean can be calculated = total of fx divided by total of f
r = respective no. of trial
e = is the base of natural logarithm = 2.7183
for more detail of probability distribution

I am also giving poisson distribution tutorial in video of bionicturtledotcom

you can see and understand the concept of poisson distribution

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