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Types of Vector

1. Null Vector or Zero Vector

If the initial and terminal points of a vector coincide , then it is called a zero vector clearly its length is zero and it can have any direction .
Note : A null vector has no definite direction.
Unit Vector : A vector whose length is unity is called a unity vector . The unit vector in the
2. direction of vector .
Note 1. Any vector is equal to its modulus multiplied by a unit vector in that direction.
3. Proper Vector
Any non zero vector is called a proper vector .
4. Like and unlike vectors
Vectors having the same direction are called like vectors and vectors having the opposite directions are called unlike vectors .
5. Collinear vectors
Vectors which have the same or parallel support , are called collinear vectors .
6. Coplanar vectors
Vectors which lie in the same plane or parallel to same plane are called coplanar vectors.
7. Co initial vectors
Vectors having the same starting point are called co-initial vectors.
8. Reciprocal Vectors
Two vectors are said to be reciprocal vectors when they have the same direction and product of their lengths is one.
9. Equal vectors
Two vectors are said to be equal if they have
  1. the same magnitude
  2. the same sense
  3. the same or parallel support

10. Localised vector

A vector whose initial point is fixed is called a localised vector.

Example force is a localised vector.

11. Free vector

A vector whose initial point is not fixed is called a free vector .

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