Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mathematics : the way of bright career

Mathematics is the very base of human civilization. From cutting vegetables to arranging books on the shelves, from tailoring cloth to motion of planets mathematics applies almost every where. From the wonders of the taj mahal, Egyptian pyramids and the learning tower of Pisa to the making of atomic bombs and space crafts including missions to heavenly bodies like planets ,each of these can be unraveled using mathematics .In fact, everything we do in our daily life is governed by mathematics .

Mathematics might make you sweat. But mathematicians do not agree. In fact, they claim that mathematics can be real fun. We practice mathematics without realizing that we are using the same intricate algebraic formulae and complicated geometrical theorems, which used to sent shivers down our spine when we studied them in childhood. Maths may be broadly defined as the scientific study of quantities, including their relationship, operations and measurements expressed by numbers and symbols .It is a tool subject like languages. Its knowledge is essential for understanding of various other subjects .Mathematics has two branches, pure and applied. Pure mathematics is concerned with concepts and ideas that do not necessarily have any immediate practical application .Applied mathematics is concerned with the use of mathematical theories and principles as tools to solve problems in any fields of physics , chemistry , biology , social sciences , earth sciences , business and industry . Work in applied mathematics requires a theoretical background, which enables the mathematician to understand the physical dimensions and technicalities of problems. The study of pure and applied mathematics is interdependent. Mathematics has various major branches ranging from algebra to trigonometry.

With application in a wide variety of occupations like actuarial science, economics, and financial analysis and in meteorology and oceanography, one can not just manage without mathematics. The mathematicians work in operations research, numerical analysis, information and data processing. They work in the field of aviation, in aerodynamics, applied physics, robotics, market research, population studies and commercial surveys and in industrial research and development. A combined degree in mathematics and computer science is suited for jobs in data processing and other allied fields.

Mathematics offers scope for teachers at the school and college level. Reputed teachers may find suitable job opportunities in coaching centers that prepare students for admission to various professional courses. Furthermore, there are always new areas which command the attention of society. Candidate who pass 10+2 with maths are not only eligible for admission to courses relating to engineering and technology , architecture , pharmacy , but also become eligible for seeking admission to bachelor of computer application , bachelor of financial and investment analysis and B.Com. hons. courses. in some universities economics is offered at graduation level only to those who have studied maths at +2 level .

Maths may be offered as a paper in various competitive examinations conducted by the union public service commission, state service commissions. Bsc. and msc. Courses in mathematics are offered by most universities. The BITS Pilani and IIT offer five year integrated courses in mathematics to school leavers . Various universities offer M.A. / M.Sc. in maths through distance learning system . Some of them are Alagappa university, karakudi -6300003 , Annamalai university , Mahatma Gandhi univ. Madurai

The specialised courses in mathematics are available in the following institute , Channai mathematical institute ,92 N chetty road , T Nagar , Channai - 600017, The institute of mathematical sciences , Taramani , Channai -600113 . Mehta research institute of mathematical sciences, Taramani, Channai.

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