Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Significance of Population statistics

  1. Useful for research purposes :

The population census are very useful for research . The distribution of population among urban and rural areas, the sex ratio , density of population etc. are important for research of problems.

2. Utility in planning :

Population census provide basic material for formulae of economic and social planning of the country . It determines per capita income and standard of living of the community .

3. Utility in administration and policy :

Population statistics provides the information on demographic and economic features of the population which helps in establishing administrative structure.

4. Utility for business and industry :

The occupational classification of population helps to find out whether in a particular area there is majority of agriculturalists , labourers or businessmen etc. It helps business man in estimating demand for goods in different areas .

5. Utility in transport :

It helps to make transport system more efficient and effective . Population census provide an estimated demand for transport facilities in a region .

6. Utility in education :

Population census provide information regarding literacy ratio i n the country which helps in determining the educational structure of an economy .

7. Utility to electoral rolls

Census data is also useful in determining the electoral rolls .

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