Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to Calculate the Value of Determinant with The Help of Its Properties

If you have read Properties of Determinant in Business Mathematics , then you can calculate the value of determinant with the help of its properties . There is no hard and fast rule for applying properties on
  determinant . Applying most suitable property will give you better result and you will enable to get answer fastly.
  • Try to start by adding or deducting one column or row from other column or row because many question's solution will start this way . In many question's answer , you will find that second  row is deducted from first  row or second  column and third column are  deducted from first column .
  • Some question can easily solve by adding second , and third row in first row .
  • Some time  , question can easily solve by adding second and third column in first column .
  • In some question , you can take some common scalar either from first , second and third column or row  and then replace first column by adding or subtracting other columns .
  • In most complicating problems of determinant , you have to deduct first column from second column and write it on the place of second column .
In brief , I want to tell you that see and watch different example of different books after this some hardwork to solve the question , after this you can get the skill to solve determinant questions with the help of properties .
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