Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to Calculate the Value of X, Y & Z with the Help of Cramer's Rule

To solve linear equation with the help of Cramer's Rule and calculate the value of X, Y and Z are very easy. It is used in solution of Matrix and Determinant problems. First of all we convert the linear equation into
 matrix format and then important theorem named Cramer's rule will apply. It has three simple formulas, first formula gives the value of X, second formula gives the value of Y and third formula gives the Value of Z. These values are calculated by divided the determinant of first, second and third column interchanged with the normal value of determinant.

We also expand the the delta , delta one , delta two and delta three and after this , we will succeed to find the value of x , y and z .

Important Note : Delta is short form of Determinant . It means you have to calculate the determinants of different sets .
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