Thursday, February 21, 2013

Limit in Mathematics Explained by Simple Way

In my school day, I had solved limit questions. That time, I just took the questions of limit and got answers but today, I read it and try to understand what is limit in mathematics. If you are facing my english, I have dubbed it also in hindi which you can see at 

As per my definition "Limit means to find the solution of function by using many approaches instead of one approach."

Limit in mathematics or limit of function is same.

I am taking a simple example

Lt       (X^2-1) /  ( x-1 ) = 1 ^2 -1 / 1-1 = 0/0
x-> 1

but it is not correct answer. We have to solve it with other approaches. I am explaining this with an example which you use in daily life. For example, you want to go to mumbai from delhi. Suppose, in the highway, if there is a deffect, then my bus will go to mumbai by following other ways. So, limit tells us the maximum approaches. I will use to reach the best solution.

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