Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Motivational Lecture by Maths Teacher for Students (in Simple Hindi)

Our teacher Respected Subash Ji who is Maths teacher, has given the motivational lecture for students in simple Hindi. Please follow it if you want to get success in the life. This lecture was in Simple Hindi. For your understanding, we are translating this lecture.

1. Today, Indian Govt. is making the employees instead of teachers because Govt. is giving just Rs. 5000 per month for teaching. There is no job security. You can tell, me how can teacher teach with Rs. 5000 per month. Govt. should increases their salary.

2. Second, all the fools are starting to become teacher. They have no interest in teaching. Anyone who fails in Engineering, becomes the teacher. It is so wrong. Such person should not play with the life of students. If your interest in teaching, then, you should choose this profession, otherwise leave this profession.

3. Third, teachers should also teach better without seeing the salary. In every situation, they have to teach because with teaching, teacher gets energy. 
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