Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Calculation of Difficult sum with the use of logarithm

Dear friends

Logarithm is mathematical series with this we can calculate difficult sums. With calculator, we can not solve this sum so we need logarithm to solve these problems. Here I am giving you how to solve difficult problems with the help of log .

1st step

Suppose x = (32.38)1/7

2nd step
Take the log both sides

Log x = log (32.38)1/7

Log x = 1/7 log (32.38)
Now we see that 32.38 has 2 digit before point so we calculate the number before point
That is 2-1 =1

1 is written before point

And then we calculate value of log of 32 in 3 in logarithm see it and then see in 8 in last columns
You will find 5092 and 9
Add it = 5101

Now we write in

Log x = 1/7 (1.5101)

Or log x = 1.5101/7 =0.22

Now both side put antilog
In left side log cancel with antilog

X= antilog 0.22

Now because o is before point so we add one in it and then we find 0+1=1 , it means after calculating antilog we will put point after one digit from left side.
See the antilog of 0.22 in antilog table
That is 1660
Now put point after one digit that is 1.660

Your answer is x =1.660
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