Wednesday, October 8, 2008

About Me

I am the lover of maths subject. My name is Vinod Kumar. From beginning of my life, I have liked mathematics. But because of my career became in the business study. So I learnt business mathematics. In my study time, I faced so many difficulties in business mathematics which I solved in my teaching time. But today when I have started this website, I am enjoying solving the maths and writing this solution in my free business mathematics website. I am writing article just telling you how to solve difficult business problems with easy maths calculations. I do not declare fully correctness in my solution because man is name of mistakes but, believe me that I am doing hard work day and night for giving you the best solution of your all business problems with the help of mathematics .I am trying to give best definitions of all mathematical terms so that you can get confidence in maths. I am not PhD. Holder in mathematics but because of I am lover of maths and due to I think every scholar has right to get free basic knowledge in the field of mathematics , So that when he will do his work in any field for any purpose , he will gives his correct maths calculations . That correctness, I want from my society, from my country people, from this world. Honesty, duty, brotherhood, helpfulness, good feelings, love, devotion, correctness, learning from mistakes, development, growth, profit, benefits, advantages, in end all good and moral things in whole world is inter-connect with maths . I am just trying to make relationship these moral values with my selflessness, free and voluntary for the benefit of middle and weak and learner in this world. I hope you will like my own introduction with you. Please give me your reaction with about me and my website in my email id
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