Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Mission

Our mission is give free education not only in business mathematics but in every field. This website and my other website is just little try to fulfillment of our mission.
  • Mission for students
    Why are the teachers charging high fees from students and their parents by blackmailing them that they are teaching them .Even then they take double money from them on the name of tuition? This is real injustice with dear students. I am against with this trend. I am trying to abolish this trend by using online as one of my tool.
  • Mission for businessmen
    Businessmen are the men who take all the risk of business. Then why do they suffer losses. This is not good. The main reason behind this they do not know business mathematics. If they will know the complete fundamentals of business mathematics, they will surely gain profit from their business. Because in mathematics, there are lot of worthless bundle of knowledge which can give wonderful techniques to businessmen that how to they produce in what quantity. At what price they want to sell their products so that the cut off the competition. Different assignment techniques, transport solution, linear programming simplex and graphic method, interest rates formulae, depreciation calculation and so many formulae in the math which they gives us direction to develop our business and production . By operating this website, I am trying to help to my dear businessmen, entrepreneurs, companies, manufacturers, agriculturers, small traders, firms and shopkeepers in growing their business.

    If I am taking this holy mission then your duty is also to take part in this mission, just write your mathematical problems to me at my email id , I and my team try to best for solution of your maths problem. Or you can give your view and opinions by giving your comments on the given articles .This comments, view and your opinions are also the part of our mission.
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