Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What is Mathematics Education

Mathematics education means to learn and to teach mathematics with better way. It is the platform to do new research in the field of mathematics. In mathematics education, students  learn the basic mathematics, then they do some practice. They also learn to solve any maths problem with new ways.

Mathematics is science. So, teacher has to teach like any science subject. Like scientific experiments, teachers do experiments in the mathematics field. Every difficult problem of maths which has not been solved by teacher is logic base. When teacher will understand the logic, it will become very easy for him. From time to time, teachers has researched very simple ways to solve maths problem. Students need to go to expert of maths teacher.

Methods used in Mathematics Education 

I remember when I teach mathematics to my students, I always learn all the examples of maths. After this, I solve all the problems myself. Only after this, I teach to my students. So, this is best method which can be used for teaching in mathematics education. Teacher should also take the test of his students. With this, student will know how much he knows about maths. Every maths problem is the challenge. So, teacher should try to best to solve them. Teacher should also take the help of solution for knowing the best steps for reaching the answer. I remember when I teach trigonometry, there were lots of methods to reach answer. I used only simple method.

I also gave reward to my students who solve my given maths problem fastly. With this, my students got motivation for becoming expert in maths. Like me, teachers should also follow this method.  
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