Saturday, February 2, 2013

Arithmetic Progression Simplified

When we see different numbers in any sequence, we will calculate the difference of next number and previous number, if the difference will be same, this sequence of numbers will be called arithmetic progression. 

for example :

5, 10, 15, 20,.......
In this sequence, we see that difference of 10-5 and 15-10 and 20-15 are same that is 5. So, this progression is arithmetic. 

Calculation of nth Term in Arithmetic Progression :- 

To calculate the nth term in arithmetic progression is very easy, its formula is 

= First number + ( n - 1 ) X difference of terms 


= a1 +  (n -1 ) d

for example in above example, if we have to calculate 7th term, 

7th term = 5 +(7  -1) X 5

= 5 + 6 X 5 = 35 which is correct answer. 

We have also made its video, we hope it will be also useful for you. 

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