Friday, February 22, 2013

Limit to Infinity Examples

To study the limit to infinity example is obviously a good way to get thorough knowledge of limit. Just learn the rules of reaching solution with one approach is not sufficient. Following examples of limit to infinity will be helpful to learn limit deeply.
1st Example : Find Limit  {  h^2 / h^3) 
                                  h ->  

in the denominator, we see highest power h^3. So, we divide h^2 and h^3 with h^3

Lim { h^2 /h^3 / h^3/h^3 )

Lim ( 1/ h / 1 )

Now, put the value of h

when we put value of infinity in h, we can put unlimited value and it will become zero. Zero divide one will be zero

So answer is 0

We have also given some examples in following video. Watch it and learn. After this, we give some questions. 

Evaluate the following limits

1. Lt { ( x+1) (2x+3)}/ (x+2) (3x+4)

2. Lt  (4x^2 +5x+6 ) / (3x^2 +4x +5)

3. Lt  (ax^2 +bx+c) / (px^2 +qx +r)

4. Lt  (1/3 +1/3^2 +1/3^3 + .......... + 1/3^n)
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